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Country Classic: the slow life never goes out of style at Jonkmanshof, Montagu

Jacques Erasmus of Hemelhuijs (restaurant and interiors) has an unmistakable signature style that has rekindled a love of pressed botanicals for many who thought they went out with the ark. Not for Jacques: he has even created art forms of Amazonian lily pads in his time, and his ancient flower press is still in use in the study at Jonkmanshof. We thought you’d like to know more, but the best way to experience this lifestyle it to book a stay – and dinner, of course!

How would you describe your interior design ethos and style? And how is this reflected at Jonkmanshof for your guests?
My interior style is simple, distilled and elegant. Attention to detail and honouring materials for what they are. The houses of Jonkmanshof were carefully restored and, through the considered and pared-down interiors, create a sense of being lost in time.

The houses of Jonkmanshof were carefully restored and, through the considered and pared-down interiors, create a sense of being lost in time.

You always bring nature into the spaces you design. How does Jonkmanshof do this?
I wanted to make the houses feel like they are part of the environment. How was this achieved? With the addition of a greenhouse for a rare collection of indigenous succulents; rooms filled with blooms from the garden; using textures and colours from the environment; and, most importantly, the seamless flow between the interiors and the external ‘fabric’ of the landscape and garden.

Jonkmanshof really immerses you in Montagu - the heritage of the house, the garden, the area’s reputation for citrus - how important is celebrating context to you?
When I work with old properties, context is always the most important consideration. Often the property dictates what needs to be done;  it is more important to listen to this carefully than to put your personal ‘stamp' on it.

Slow living is a big part of a stay here. How can guests expect to experience this?
The houses are voided of all things fashionable; there is no formal ‘reception’; and we create the feeling of arriving ‘home’ when you walk through the door. Our streamlined food offering is designed to support our very localised suppliers, and we focus on only freshly picked produce from our gardens  served home-style at a kitchen table.

De Nagmaal, your farm-style shop, allows guests to take a piece of Jonkmanshof home with them. What inspires the designs and products?
De Nagmaal is all about items for daily enjoyment. A focus on the craft of the human hand, artisans and small family-run workshops - both locally and internationally. It’s about simple items for the home, kitchen and garden that are inspired by the Jonkmanshof spaces, and the things we make use of and enjoy every day.

Read more about Jonkmanshof’s two beautiful historic houses here: 20 Bath and 30 Bath Street.

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